Ornessi Intrigues

Session Two

Meeting Zanka Riis

The party began the day in the Reconstruction Guard Camp. They interrogated a Blackwater Shadow prisoner who told them that there was an entrance to the Shadow Warehouse through the Sewers. After Eldor Poocs rolled the most gnarly cross joint, the party had a bit of smokeleaf then left the camp to find information about the sewer entrance.

The party went to Zod Bazaar to find some information about the warehouse. They came across two rival potion merchants. The first, all his supplies exhausted or destroyed, asked the party to gather three different herbs and some brewing sets for his points.

The second merchant, Agna, took a liking to the party and sold his special recipe love potion and some information about where to find someone who may sell them smoke leaf, Zanka Riis, a half-orc noble in Tullek Heights. The party left with the love potion and met Zanka and his Elite Guard, Sarge.

After a surprise color spray by Ritzu, the party killed four Zanka guards and disabled Zanka Riis and Sarge. The party convinced Riis that they would have the Reconstruction Guard’s protection if he gave up information about the Blackwater Shadows. He confirmed the existence of the Blackwater Docks and told them that a riverbarge would come the next day through the sewer dock in his basement to drop off the next shipment of smoke leaf and sharp sugars.

Dick Rahl and Eldor Poocs searched the mansion while Skeith and Ritzu questioned Zanka Riis. In his office they found the payment for the next barge delivery [96 gp], three torches with what appears to be Agna’s love potion on the end, and a framed portrait of an elven girl with a crown of thorns, the same they found in Tabel’s ruined mansion.

After hiding the bodies of the guards in the house, the party eventually returned to the Reconstruction Guard camp with Zanka Riis and Sarge.



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