Dick Rahl

Orc Barbarian


6 9 330 dark skinned bald red eyed


Written by Bill, himself. I’m not copyediting this.

Born in the northern Marglug Swampland, Dick came to be from a raiding party from the southern side of the Swamplands who burned down the village and raped there women. He was raised by the few woman and a few of the adolescent males that survived the raid. This lifestyle put made Dick a savage always thirsting for vengeance over the other Orc’s in the land. He knew he’d have to grow to be strong and swift and from a young age always thirsted for battle to better his skills. Always reveling at his war trophies decorating his armor, eating the hearts of those whom he bested, and making trinkets out of their fallen bodies. Once he and other’s of his tribe came of age to get some vengeance on the other Orc’s he lead a warparty to get vengeance. They attacked a convoy from another tribe coming out of the Mrenlian Forest which this was the first time he truly felt the rage within and went berserk with his war party. All were slain with only a few of his party left. They ate the hearts of their slain, and during looting the convoy he found a strange stone in the leaders pocket which he added to his bone necklace. The stone seems to have a strange glow to it yet it didn’t, and almost felt like it talked to him to go to the forest yet it didn’t.

Weeks later during his sleep he was attacked by elven assassins but everything they did had no effect except to awaken Dick. Once he stood up One of the elve’s cast a spell which didn’t let him murder these faggots. What ensued was strange neither could harm each other but the elves did common though so they had a conversation where they said the stone must be returned. Dick wasn’t gonna let these fairy boys take his coveted war trophy from his first real raid. They talked some more and came to an agreement that Dick would come back to the forest with the stone(which the stone was persisting every more strongly atm) for aid in helping cleanse the swampland from the fuckers that murdered and raped his tribe in the past. As he journery’d with these filthy elves to the forest the stone started fucking with his mind. He started having visions of when his tribe was raided before his conception. In the visions he’d see large orc’s with a lighter skin color, and teeth sticking out of there lower jaw, they looked metal as fuck. His mothers rape and everything else was involved in the vision. When he finally snapped out, he went berserk full rage mode and killed 2 of the elven convoy in a bloody fury. soon he was yet again spell bound to do nothing frozen in place. Still the elves could not harm him back but he was put in a cage to continue the convoy after his rage worn out and he was fatigued as could be.

When he arrived miles within the forest he reached an elven city. It was unlike anything he had ever imagined how these fairy boys could build something this… this.. so unique. They took him straight to an elf which seemed to be their leader from the way he poised himself and commanded the others. The elf said that which he wore belonged to him and his kind, and that only those who possess it can give it up without recieving harm from the elves. After a long conversation they agreed that he’d give up the stone if the elves could promise him vengeance on the fuckers that raided his tribe. The sorcerer who has kept him bound still told Dick to hold the stone and focus on his deepest desires. Once done Dick had a vision that if he would goto Marian then he would meet an unlikely group that would eventually bring the encounter that he seeks. Dick made the elf’s do a ritual to there gods that they would not harm him and fulfill there promise to bring him to Marian unharmed and could not harm him after unless he aggressed first, before he gave up the stone. Then shortly after he traded them the stone and soon dissapeared from the forest and found himself sitting in a tavern in Marian…..

Dick Rahl

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