Eldor Poocs

Grippli Oracle


Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 Feet
Age: 157 years
Weight: 22 lbs.

Physical Description: As a Grippli, Poocs, is a dark blue frog. His hands/legs blend from blue to a light turquoise color. His eyes are yellow with large square black pupils.


Long ago, a now forgotten city was brought to ash and rubble. The city was built and ran by the high priests. Scoopism was the prominent religion and everyone was cheerful. Eldor Poocs, a young Grippli at the time, is now believed to be the last of his race.

“I luckily escaped the mass genocide, but have spent the last century wandering throughout the lands. I have managed to stay alive through herbalism (profession) and oracle powers. My body and mind are haunted by the images and sounds of his ancestors that were tormented and killed.”

Recently, the woods have become a more dangerous place. My age and body cannot keep up surviving alone like this. I have decided to journey into town with what little gold I have. My senses allow me to detect the good in people, and I am a trusting and understanding creature. My alliances lie with morality, over race or culture.

Eldor Poocs

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