Kitsune Sorcerer


Gender – M

Height – 4’9"

Weight – 100

Hair/fur – Auburn

Eyes – Amber

Age – 22


I found myself wet cold and apparently the lone survivor of a ship wreck. It must have been a terrible storm. What else could destroy a ship and create this much debris? But where am I? Who am I?
While surveying the scene I could see the scattered bodies of 11 men of varying races though mostly human. Destroyed items coat the shore, nothing remains intact. Except a staff laying close to the position in which I originally awoke. Etched, badly, into the staff is a name ‘Ritszu’.
Is this me?
After standing in awe of the beach, I absentmindedly began to search my clothes for pockets for items I may have in my possession. I could only find two items. The first of which is a small bag of coins. The second is a small book. scrawled across the front is that name again ‘Ritszu’. It must be my name. “Be the legend. Be the Kitsune.”
The book contains a list of spells and descriptions. As I read through the first page the memory, or vision, of myself casting the spell formed in my mind. I immediately know I am capable of casting this spell. It’s the first spell I ever learned.
Why do I know that?
Foxfire – Summon 4 globes of light. Control these orbs to provide light or use them to attack.
The book contains 6 other spells and a surplus of empty pages. I must have been in search of who I am. My origins maybe? I know I must not be very experienced since so many pages lie empty in this book. Where was I going? Was I searching for something?
I quickly decide to move away from the ship. It will surely attract scavengers and other people. I moved west. I was standing on the shore next to what appeared to be a river outlet to the sea. I followed the river until I came upon the city of Mirian. I’ve spent days and nights in the shadows observing the life of the city.
I feel different from them. I stand apart. Is that just who I am? Or is it the nature of my race?
I can feel a pull as well. I feel a need to be known. I want people to know my name. To speak of my deeds. To write songs and ballads. I want to be a legend. Who could have know those few words would come to actually define me.


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