Half-elf Ninja


Skeith has always thought of taking a man’s life in secret as an art form. Truth be told, he never thought of what he did as ’taking’ a man’s life, but rather he facilitated the purchasing of a man’s life. He never took pleasure in it and he never killed unnecessarily but he did take an intense interest in his target’s lives. He tried to learn of their pasts, their presents, and even the daily tedium that occupied their average day. He always wanted more information if he could get it.

The current political troubles of the world kept Skeith employed and wealthy. Being a half-elf allowed him to sing to both sides of the chorus, making information gathering much easier and the only real allegiance he held was to his current contract.

So now Skeith has traveled to Marian, a recently war torn city sure to be ripe with work.


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