Ornessi Intrigues

Session 11



The party awoke and prepared to head to Utan. Ritzu, Poocs, and Dick decided to stay behind and take care of some business they still had in Marian. I would have stayed too but I decided that I had better go with Frank and Sly to keep an eye on them, they’re an odd pair for sure and I’m sure their reception in Utan would not be the most pleasant one. Plus it has the added benefit of getting me further north, Marian is too far south for comfort and the reconstruction guard isn’t really able to provide the protection I had hoped it would.
And so we set sail on the Dispatch under the guidance of Captain Narvi. I adorned my pirate hat and had a good old time of it, when you live under the constant threat of death you have to find fun in the little things.
Our first day of travel went off without a hitch. I probed a little into Sly and Frank’s past. Frank is from the Underwood family, a rich mining family known for their gold mines. Sly’s home town was taken over by demons and his people were fragmented and scattered across the lands, kind of tragic I suppose.
We made camp at the end of our first day and Sly and I took first watch with no issue. Frank took second watch but he fell asleep during his watch and woke up with his coin purse a little lighter. No I am not to blame although I would have found it hard to resist the temptation had I been awake with him.
Our second day was a little more interesting. We met another larger more protected ship heading south. The elven captain warned us of an encampment and patrol of lizardfolk up ahead. (Damn I was really hoping to not have to deliver on our promise to guard the ship.) And so the party came up with a plan to distract the lizardfolk by setting fire to their encampment, giving the ship enough time to slip by unnoticed. Sly and I crafted a fire arrow that he could use to set the tents on fire to aid in this. We decided our noisy armored friend should stay behind and guard the boat.
We snuck up the river and found the encampment but when we tried to dispatch some guards unnoticed we ended up alerting the entire encampment and the patrol boat. With quick thinking Sly used the arrow to set the patrol boat on fire instead of the camp and a full scale battle ensued.
Frank noticing the smoke and thinking it was the signal to head down the river caught up to us at the camp in a pretty dire situation. He joined us in combat and the sides seemed a little more even but we were still getting beat up pretty badly. At a critical moment Poocs, who had been a stowaway on the ship, burst out of the cargo box he was hiding in and joined the fight.
We managed to finish off the remaining lizardfolk and make it back to the ship mostly intact. And now we’re sailing the last leg of our journey to Utan. We’ll see if we can make contact with this Verrick Hardback and get more information on this Harpy Queen. This all sounds like a mess, and I’m not sure that it’s our mess.



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