Ornessi Intrigues

Session 12

Search for Information


Aside from Big Dick, We all arrived at Utan and spent a night at a camp just outside. It was a processing area to make sure we were who we said we were. It was a fairly calm night. Skeith noticed about 3 harpies flying over head on his watch, but they did not pose a threat. On Poocs’s watch, he noticed the guards take an elf in the middle of the night. We did notice that the elves were not being treated as equally as the other races.

When we entered Utan, we saw a number of civilians fighting the guards. They would both bow and go into a quiet place and talk after each fight. We went into our first bar, “The Squirrel and the Bear.” We learned that there are multiple factions inside of Utan – some of which are The Border knights, Scholars of Wood, and the Fletchers Guild.

We decided to split the party, Frank, Sly, and Skeith went to the Border Knights to try to fight for information. Frank got beat by a girl. Skeith manged to ninja his way to victory to uncover information about Utan and the Harpies.

Ritzu and Poocs went to the Scholars of Wood. The Scholars wouldn’t let them in. They wouldn’t even accept riddles, or rock, paper, scissors. Finally, Poocs remembered he had a cloth given to him by Evan that is suppose ably a key to defeating the Harpy Queen. Upon entry – They researched lots of shit. What they learned:

Harpy queen has been killed differently each time
Magic Drawn
Wings Removed
By Divine Grace

Ritzu learned stuff about his history and power-struggle of Kitsune.

While they were in the library, Frank, Sly and Skeith went to the docks to do a little shopping. They bought some stuff, and Skeith found a cloak that would let him teleport. An old lady was selling it for 20k gold. Skeith really wants this cape…. The party decided not to assist when he asked if we would help steal it.

We spent the night in The Red Chain – Skeith tried to woo a lady, and failed. Frank took off all his clothes and army crawled across the floor to an angry dog. Frank is now the dog whisperer. Also learned about a crazy sword in the woods that everyone wants, buts pretty dangerous to get.

In the morning we went to the Fletchers Guild, where they told us to go help them reclaim a lumber camp.



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