Ornessi Intrigues


Session 7

As written by Ritzu

We traveled to Glimmershade where a blight was taking place. Our contact was Evras of the Clerics of Cloister. We met with him and his son on arrival and gained some knowledge of the events. After speaking with people of the town we determined that the water may be killing people. we encountered a summoned beast in the town well. after deciding to speak to with the only mage in the area we discovered he was an impostor and was only wearing some kind of glimmer to make him seem human. We were able to take the creature down only to find out that the entire town was dead [GM Note: The town wasn’t dead]. We traveled back to the Cloister to discover another summoner(Evras’s son, Alyn) and a harpy. we were able to dispatch them easily and were rewarded generously by Everest. He may be the only remaining person in the town.



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