Ornessi Intrigues

Session Five

The Blackwater Blowout

The party woke in Temple of Milani in Harper’s Vale. Before they left, the priests gave them each a healing potion. The party went to the secret entrance to the Blackwater in Zanka Riis’s basement. They commandeered a riverbarge after slaying a few Blackwater Shadows and leaving one alive who they found was raised in the Blackwater Shadows as a slave. Delia, the elven Shadow the party left alive became their guide through the Blackwater and eventually helped the party take the Shadow Docks. The party freed several slaves who were in the Dock area and left Deliah to fight off any Shadows that came back through the area while the party moved on to assault the base.

The party came to a secret door that opened up into a production floor where 7 slaves were flanked by several guards and a commander. The party, after killing the commander, rallied the slaves to fight with them, but not before the shadows cut down a few slaves. AFter the battle on the production floor, the party found a jail cell with Celaena Donne’s body inside. She appeared to be dead for several days.

After ascending the stairs into the main warehouse, the party was ambushed by several shadows led by Firendell Elin. After a very close fight, Dick Rahl impaled Firendell on his greatsword as a couple slaves and Delia came and almost evened the odds of the battle, but with Skeith cut down, Dick Rahl on his last leg, Ritzu jumping into the fray to try to save Dick, and Eldor Poocs out of healing it was not looking good. But Funda Noblebringer and a group of elite reconstruction guards blast through the doors on information from the Priests of Milani.

Funda tells the party that he plans to take the Blackwater Shadow base and turn it into a forward command center for the Reconstruction Guard. Delia has a bit of freedom with the guards, but is always flanked by two elite guards. The party befriended a slave that aided them in their battle named Weasel who expressed interest in becoming a fighter and joining the reconstruction guard. The party gave Weasel some gold pieces and a masterwork long sword and let them sleep at their camp.



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