Ornessi Intrigues

Session Four

The Siege of Southgate

After returning from the farmstead and slaying Cheeks Bothburned, the party decided to move into the city to attack the Blackwater Shadows’ base. On their trip through the city, they heard commotion and was approached by a group of city guards claiming that the city was under attack.

The party rushed to the guard’s aid and came to a fork in the road. The guards told the party they would take one fork and the party could take the other. The eastern fork held The Observatory and The Silver Anvil while the western fork held The Southgate Church of Milani and The Library. The party ran down the western fork to find that the head priest, Evan Irelli, was under attack by several orcs. During the battle with the orcs, goblins led by a necromancer rushed from the east and attacked the party as well. With the help of Evan Irelli and Caja Uren, the party made their way through the enemies. Caja said she would stay behind to help Evan with the wounded.

After the battle, Ritzu picked up the necromancer’s staff and it was bound to him for the remainder of the day.

As the party ran down the road, they came across the library that was being attacked by several enemies and a goblin sorcerer. The library was in flames and Skeith and Poocs tried to put the fire out while Dick and Ritzu engaged the enemies. With the help of Elbridge Osnate, Yarain Osnate, Ariadani, and the Osnate personal guard, the party dispatched several orcs, goblins, and a bugbear. The party then convinced Yarain Osnate to follow them to the front gate and fight with them.

While the party was moving to the front gate, they attempted to destroy catapults firing on the city with the balistas mounted on wall before realizing that a crossbowman would be better trained for the job. Poocs and Dick ordered a crossbowman to take out the catapults with the balistas, Thus the hero Dave was born. He destroyed all 3 catapults with the balistas before moving with the party to the front gate.

At the front gate, the party fought a bugbear before an Ogre slammed through. As they moved to engage the Ogre, they saw the Captain of the City Guard, Zarzia fighting 6 gnolls in the courtyard of the barracks. A few members of the party rushed to the aid of Zarzia as she fell to the Ogre and they sent another City Guard back to tell Evan and Caja that they needed help. As Caja arrived to assist the party, the Ogre smashed the head of Yarian Osnate into the courtyard before the party finally destoryed him and the gnolls fighting Zarzia.

After the battle the party went back to the church to assist Evan with healing the wounded before Ritzu went to Ariadani to remove the curse of the staff, Dick went to Xar to barter for a new axe. Ariadani said she would call upon Ritzu for a favor in the future. Xar asked Dick Rahl to bring an Osnate to him because he was owed money. Evan told Poocs he always has a home in the Church of Milani



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