Ornessi Intrigues

Session Six

Southgate Memorial and March to Glimmershade

By: Skeith

After we narrowly avoided death in the Blackwater the party was notified that Paragon Donne would be visiting Marian soon and requested our attendance to a memorial service for his deceased niece Caelena. This gave the party roughly two weeks of free time that we all chose to spend in our own ways. Dick Rahl set to training the slaves we freed from the Blackwater. Eldor Poocs put his time to gathering herbs and materials for potion use. Ritzu used his free time to attempt to research more about his mysterious past. It appears not many have seen his kind, known as a Kitsune, as he was only able to find one sighting some time ago. i am no help in that regard either. I decided that my time would best be spent learning more about the Paragon, his family, and the current state of politics. The party also decided to call ourselves The First Order, not to be (but surely will be) confused with The Order of the White Hand. We came to know that The Order was responsible for the attack on Marian that took place days before our assault on the Blackwater. It seems these Orcs are also enemies of Dick as he was the one to positively identify them.

The night before the ceremony the part met up for a mid day pub crawl. Our crawl was cut short after Poocs vomited on the bar dancing and singing to a wonderful rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ however I do have to commend him lasting as long as he did despite is stature and weight.

The next day at the ceremony Paragon Donne spoke a few words for the fallen, a few words for The First Order for defending the city against the Shadows and The Order, as well as a few words about war. Unsurprising the Paragon plans to march his army against The Order confirming the information I gathered about his resolve and ruthlessness.

After the ceremony Funda Noblebringer cut the party loose from the reconstruction guard, preferring to pay for our services on an as needed contract based basis. The party wasted no time in looking for work and found rumors of a cursed village north of Marian. After confirming suspicions with Clerics of the Cloister we set out north towards Glimmershade. A day and a half into the trip we encountered a three headed snake monster we were successful in swiftly dispatching leaving the rest of our trip clear.

Now we’ve arrived in Glimmershade and have plans to investigate the town tomorrow. Is this simply local rumor or is this town really cursed?



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