Ornessi Intrigues

Session Three

King Cheeks Bothburned and his trusty dog Tickletooth

The party was contracted by Funda Noblebringer to investigate a farmstead to the west of The Great Orchard. As the party approached the farmstead, they came across a pit of spiders. In an attempt to go around, they trekked through the forest and came across the husk of two humans being controlled by plants from the inside. The party dispatched them with a combination of Fire and Steel and moved to camp. The party camped on a grassy knoll that overlooked the forest. The camp was uneventful.

The party then moved the next day to the farmstead and came across two kobolds chasing each other. Dick Rahl clanked down Paragon’s Highway and was discovered as the kobolds running outside a windmill, who then ran inside and barricaded the door. The party found a loose plank in the back of the windmill and Dick Rahl kicked the plank in and climbed into the building and engaged the Kobolds.

After they were dispatched, the party made their way downstairs into the cellar where they found a group of kobolds. They took care of several kobolds before one ran off to gather reinforcements, but before they arrived, the party interrogated a kobold who told them “The King” lived in the tunnels. When the reinforcements arrived, they were color sprayed by Ritzu and the party assassinated all the kobolds before moving through the tunnels connected to the cellar. In the second cavern they came across, runes of frost magic were carved into the walls and Dick Rahl discovered an amulet in a box in the room.

The party eventually reached a throne room where “King” Cheeks Bothburned and his dog Tickletooth attacked the party with four kobold cohorts. Eldor Poocs was downed in the back of the cavern after a onslaught by Ticketooth and an enlarged kobold. Dick Rahl, in an orcish rage, attempted to hack Cheeks to pieces, but ended up throwing his sword. With the help of the Ritzu, and a lucky strike by Dick Rahl, Skeith slid across the floor and shot Cheeks with an arrow before vaulting over Cheeks and slitting his throat with a Katana from behind.



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