Ornessi Intrigues

From the One Eyed Fool to the One Eyed Fight

Session 10


Ritszu and I were in the mess hall of the cloister as a weird voice rang though my head. The voice sang out, “The harpies wings sound the drums of the black heart something something and now the war will start.” When the song ended the mess hall began to shimmer in an odd fashion. All of a sudden Ritszu vanished from my side. I wander around the halls not really seeing anyone else. I decide to search outside and get away from whatever this glimmering could be.
Outside I find Ritszu, who also heard the same weird song but had no idea how he was teleported out of the building. Ritszu tried to walk back into the cloister but seemed to run into an invisible barrier that I had no trouble passing through. I laughed as I watched Ritszu try running full speed at the open doorway just to be bounced back.
After Ritszu seemed to admit defeat we heard a familiar voice from up above and to the east. The voice belonged to Skeith! Since Ritszu couldn’t enter the cloister we made our way up one of the towers and over to Skeith where we joined up with the rest of the group. The group explained to us what happened in the cave and that Dick had touched some statue and then immediately everyone seemed to hear that strange song in their heads. Poocs explains that the main guy in the cloister and the other clerics have put up some barrier and said we should get to Utan as fast as possible and that there would be more info on the harpy queen in the Mrelian Forest. We decide as a group that we should head back to the tavern and see about getting to Utan.
GM Note: On the way to the tavern Poocs pulled me aside and told me about some silver cloth the clerics also gave him.
We discussed ways to get to Utan with Wenne. She told us the best way to get there would be to head to Marian and take a barge up the river. Frank bought us all rooms for the night and we slept at the tavern Nothing of note happened through the night. We made our way towards Marian at first light.
We had a very good day of travelling with nothing of note happening. We decided to make camp at dusk. I found an Eldass plant, it might come in handy later, it’s used to make people feel weak after ingesting it. I also managed to kill a deer. We harvested and cooked up enough meat for everyone to be full. Skeith decided he would take first watch. The rest of us went to sleep.
Very shortly into our sleep Skeith heard very loud footsteps coming in our direction and decided it was best to wake everyone. It’s a good thing he did because we were attacked by two very large cyclops. We fought a very tough fight. Brief recap: Dick went down, Frank went down, Poocs used a firework and stabilized Dick and Frank, Skeith lost his mojo, Ritszu kept everything on fire, I landed the final blow by running up and jumping off my trusty dog Kovex and putting an arrow straight through the last cyclop’s head.
We looted the cyclops bodies for 2 very large great axes, 2 very large hide armors, and 80 gold pieces.
We arrived at Marian early the next morning. We met with Funda (who didn’t seem to like me, not that I blame him, he can’t help his Dwarfish cunty nature). Funda told us that we can stay at the reconstruction guard if we need somewhere to stay and that there might be a deal to be made with a captain of a barge in the harbor. It seems they have quite a bit of trouble with Lizardfolk attacking the ships.
We went to an herbalist shop where the others in the group demanded a friends and family discount from some wench in the shop even though they seemed to not know one another. The group ended up trading 550 gold pieces’ worth of gems for 5 major wound potions. Frank spent another 250 gold pieces on a Bear’s Endurance potion.
We went to another herbalist shop, this time it seemed to be the shopkeeper the group was thinking of. We bought 2 light wound potions for 60 gold pieces.
We tried to visit Xar, a blacksmith the group knows, but the guard wouldn’t let us through to see him, nor would he bring him out to meet with us. So we went to the docks in search of a captain to take us with him.
While we stood around at the customs office (more old timey word here?) Skeith overheard a weary Captain Narvi doing business ahead of us. Skeith followed him out of the building and made a deal with him. The deal being that he would let us accompany him on his ship to Utan in exchange for protection during the voyage. The ship (The Dispatch) was set to leave in the morning, so we decide to go looking for Xar again with what time we had left in the evening.
We ventured into Orc town (Little Seotuk) and went to what seemed to be a local watering hole called something bar. We happened to get very lucky and found Xar inside. We traded Xar the 2 great axes and a bunch of small arms/armor for him to work on making a really nice plate armor for Frank. After the dealing was done, Dick challenged Xar to a friendly drinking competition. Poocs asked if anyone would like to place a wager on the challenge. I excitedly accepted the bet and put 10 gold on Xar. As everyone expected Xar beat Dick and I won my 10 gold from Poocs.
With the excitement of the day wearing on everyone, we ventured back to the reconstruction guard to sleep for the night.



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