Ornessi Intrigues

The Harpy's Cave

Sessions 8 & 9

The party discovered that the Harpies have been luring people into the forest over the past several hundred years. Recently, in the past year or so, the frequency of the harpy’s songs increased and people were disappearing more often than normal.

Before heading off into the woods, they thought they would go to The One Eyed Fool to see if anyone had some valuable information, and maybe have a drink or two. There they discovered very little information of use, but did meet a couple adventurers who were looking for a noble quest. They decided to allow them to tag along to help rid Glimmershade of the Harpies.

One of the new companions, Sylvar Onas is an expert tracker and after a bit of searching, found a trail into the woods that led to a cliff overlooking a small valley. The party looked over the cliff to discover an opening about 60 feet down. After descending into the opening they fought hordes of goblins, orcs, and a bugbear here and there before finding themselves face to face with the tall, skinny, white creatures who have been summoning the red eyed goblin looking creatures. A battle ensued and the party managed to dispatch the creatures.

Just as before, they were standing around runes on the floor and chanting. Dick Rahl, in his infinite wisdom, wanted to see if these symbols reacted the same way as the last one they found that looked exactly the same. Of course, they did the same thing which alerted a group of harpies further down the cave. The Party was captivated by the songs of each harpy, jumping across a chasm to be closer to each harpy. After a long battle, the party finally destroyed the harpies and a couple goblin archers that were helping them before discovering The Statue of the Winged Queen.

Upon removing a torch from her hand, they heard her whisper into their minds.

Harpy’s wings sound the drums of war
as the red eyes rise from the dark
the black meets the light of day
as the war for the world will start

As the poem ended, the cave began to crumble. The party managed to escape with relative ease. Upon returning to The Cloister. They found Skeith wasn’t able to get inside and Evras and a few other clerics were holed up inside Evras’s study. He gave some wisdom to Poocs and Frank before telling them of The Winged Queen. It is those who awaken her who must defeat her, and he handed them a silver cloth, the same on The Crest of the Cloister. Evras wasn’t sure how such a cloth would be used, but it is rumored that it could be used to defeat The Winged Queen. He also told Poocs of an old friend, Varrec Hardback, in Utan, who may be able to help them shed more light on The Winged Queen.



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