Ornessi Intrigues

Session One
The Attack on The Riverfront Guard Camp

The party started off in the Riverfront District escorting Tabel, a Ornessi officer fallen from grace, to his old estate in an attempt to recover lost family portraits. They ran across a few armed citizens asking their business in the Riverfront District, the citizens claimed the Guard wasn’t welcome in this part of town and ordered the party to go back where they came from. The party turned around and walked until they were out of line-of-sight of the citizens and turned towards the dock area. Before continuing their missions, Tabel ordered his companion, Two Feathers, to scout ahead. He found that several ruined buildings were occupied.

The party went around the buildings until they reached the city block of the Tabel estate. While they were investigating a way forward, they heard a voice tell them they should leave this place for it holds nothing but death for the party. Not afraid of a little voice in the wind, Skeith moved toward the Estate to find a man standing over maps in what was left of the ruined mansion. Skeith decided to barter with the man in an attempt to recover the Tabel family portraits. It was an overwhelming success and the man allowed Skeith to open a chest that “they” couldn’t open in exchange for first choice of the contents of the container. Tabel attempted to open the lock for several minutes, finally breaking through and finding the chest full of tapestries and in a hidden compartment, a picture of an elven girl with a crown of leaves. When leaving the ruins, Skeith sneaked a look at the maps and saw what he believed to be the Reconstruction Guard Camp.

During Skeith’s time in the ruins, the party discovered that the voice came from a Kitsune man who claims to have been in the district for several weeks. He didn’t wish to share his name with the party, but still convinced them to move away from the area before they get themselves killed.

Finally, Skeith returned to the party and shared the photo with them before moving off and heading back to the Reconstruction Guard camp. Upon returning, Skeith informed Funda Noblebringer of the potential attack while Eldor Poocs asked him about the Kitsune man. Funda took the attack into advisement and informed Eldor Poocs that he had no idea who the Kitsune man was.

The party then was gathered in the central courtyard for a briefing on the Blackwater Shadows, a criminal gang in the Riverfront District. During this speech, the Shadows attacked the camp in an attempt to snatch and grab a few valuable assets. They made off with the Guard’s horses, but when they tried to drag off the Guard’s Subcommander, Firendell Elin, they were thwarted by Dick Rahl and Skeith.

We left the party in the aftermath of the battle: Firendell unconscious but rescued, Funda in a bloodrage, and the party spread all over the battlefield with three enemy prisoners.


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