Ornessi Intrigues

Session 12
Search for Information


Aside from Big Dick, We all arrived at Utan and spent a night at a camp just outside. It was a processing area to make sure we were who we said we were. It was a fairly calm night. Skeith noticed about 3 harpies flying over head on his watch, but they did not pose a threat. On Poocs’s watch, he noticed the guards take an elf in the middle of the night. We did notice that the elves were not being treated as equally as the other races.

When we entered Utan, we saw a number of civilians fighting the guards. They would both bow and go into a quiet place and talk after each fight. We went into our first bar, “The Squirrel and the Bear.” We learned that there are multiple factions inside of Utan – some of which are The Border knights, Scholars of Wood, and the Fletchers Guild.

We decided to split the party, Frank, Sly, and Skeith went to the Border Knights to try to fight for information. Frank got beat by a girl. Skeith manged to ninja his way to victory to uncover information about Utan and the Harpies.

Ritzu and Poocs went to the Scholars of Wood. The Scholars wouldn’t let them in. They wouldn’t even accept riddles, or rock, paper, scissors. Finally, Poocs remembered he had a cloth given to him by Evan that is suppose ably a key to defeating the Harpy Queen. Upon entry – They researched lots of shit. What they learned:

Harpy queen has been killed differently each time
Magic Drawn
Wings Removed
By Divine Grace

Ritzu learned stuff about his history and power-struggle of Kitsune.

While they were in the library, Frank, Sly and Skeith went to the docks to do a little shopping. They bought some stuff, and Skeith found a cloak that would let him teleport. An old lady was selling it for 20k gold. Skeith really wants this cape…. The party decided not to assist when he asked if we would help steal it.

We spent the night in The Red Chain – Skeith tried to woo a lady, and failed. Frank took off all his clothes and army crawled across the floor to an angry dog. Frank is now the dog whisperer. Also learned about a crazy sword in the woods that everyone wants, buts pretty dangerous to get.

In the morning we went to the Fletchers Guild, where they told us to go help them reclaim a lumber camp.

Session 11


The party awoke and prepared to head to Utan. Ritzu, Poocs, and Dick decided to stay behind and take care of some business they still had in Marian. I would have stayed too but I decided that I had better go with Frank and Sly to keep an eye on them, they’re an odd pair for sure and I’m sure their reception in Utan would not be the most pleasant one. Plus it has the added benefit of getting me further north, Marian is too far south for comfort and the reconstruction guard isn’t really able to provide the protection I had hoped it would.
And so we set sail on the Dispatch under the guidance of Captain Narvi. I adorned my pirate hat and had a good old time of it, when you live under the constant threat of death you have to find fun in the little things.
Our first day of travel went off without a hitch. I probed a little into Sly and Frank’s past. Frank is from the Underwood family, a rich mining family known for their gold mines. Sly’s home town was taken over by demons and his people were fragmented and scattered across the lands, kind of tragic I suppose.
We made camp at the end of our first day and Sly and I took first watch with no issue. Frank took second watch but he fell asleep during his watch and woke up with his coin purse a little lighter. No I am not to blame although I would have found it hard to resist the temptation had I been awake with him.
Our second day was a little more interesting. We met another larger more protected ship heading south. The elven captain warned us of an encampment and patrol of lizardfolk up ahead. (Damn I was really hoping to not have to deliver on our promise to guard the ship.) And so the party came up with a plan to distract the lizardfolk by setting fire to their encampment, giving the ship enough time to slip by unnoticed. Sly and I crafted a fire arrow that he could use to set the tents on fire to aid in this. We decided our noisy armored friend should stay behind and guard the boat.
We snuck up the river and found the encampment but when we tried to dispatch some guards unnoticed we ended up alerting the entire encampment and the patrol boat. With quick thinking Sly used the arrow to set the patrol boat on fire instead of the camp and a full scale battle ensued.
Frank noticing the smoke and thinking it was the signal to head down the river caught up to us at the camp in a pretty dire situation. He joined us in combat and the sides seemed a little more even but we were still getting beat up pretty badly. At a critical moment Poocs, who had been a stowaway on the ship, burst out of the cargo box he was hiding in and joined the fight.
We managed to finish off the remaining lizardfolk and make it back to the ship mostly intact. And now we’re sailing the last leg of our journey to Utan. We’ll see if we can make contact with this Verrick Hardback and get more information on this Harpy Queen. This all sounds like a mess, and I’m not sure that it’s our mess.

From the One Eyed Fool to the One Eyed Fight
Session 10


Ritszu and I were in the mess hall of the cloister as a weird voice rang though my head. The voice sang out, “The harpies wings sound the drums of the black heart something something and now the war will start.” When the song ended the mess hall began to shimmer in an odd fashion. All of a sudden Ritszu vanished from my side. I wander around the halls not really seeing anyone else. I decide to search outside and get away from whatever this glimmering could be.
Outside I find Ritszu, who also heard the same weird song but had no idea how he was teleported out of the building. Ritszu tried to walk back into the cloister but seemed to run into an invisible barrier that I had no trouble passing through. I laughed as I watched Ritszu try running full speed at the open doorway just to be bounced back.
After Ritszu seemed to admit defeat we heard a familiar voice from up above and to the east. The voice belonged to Skeith! Since Ritszu couldn’t enter the cloister we made our way up one of the towers and over to Skeith where we joined up with the rest of the group. The group explained to us what happened in the cave and that Dick had touched some statue and then immediately everyone seemed to hear that strange song in their heads. Poocs explains that the main guy in the cloister and the other clerics have put up some barrier and said we should get to Utan as fast as possible and that there would be more info on the harpy queen in the Mrelian Forest. We decide as a group that we should head back to the tavern and see about getting to Utan.
GM Note: On the way to the tavern Poocs pulled me aside and told me about some silver cloth the clerics also gave him.
We discussed ways to get to Utan with Wenne. She told us the best way to get there would be to head to Marian and take a barge up the river. Frank bought us all rooms for the night and we slept at the tavern Nothing of note happened through the night. We made our way towards Marian at first light.
We had a very good day of travelling with nothing of note happening. We decided to make camp at dusk. I found an Eldass plant, it might come in handy later, it’s used to make people feel weak after ingesting it. I also managed to kill a deer. We harvested and cooked up enough meat for everyone to be full. Skeith decided he would take first watch. The rest of us went to sleep.
Very shortly into our sleep Skeith heard very loud footsteps coming in our direction and decided it was best to wake everyone. It’s a good thing he did because we were attacked by two very large cyclops. We fought a very tough fight. Brief recap: Dick went down, Frank went down, Poocs used a firework and stabilized Dick and Frank, Skeith lost his mojo, Ritszu kept everything on fire, I landed the final blow by running up and jumping off my trusty dog Kovex and putting an arrow straight through the last cyclop’s head.
We looted the cyclops bodies for 2 very large great axes, 2 very large hide armors, and 80 gold pieces.
We arrived at Marian early the next morning. We met with Funda (who didn’t seem to like me, not that I blame him, he can’t help his Dwarfish cunty nature). Funda told us that we can stay at the reconstruction guard if we need somewhere to stay and that there might be a deal to be made with a captain of a barge in the harbor. It seems they have quite a bit of trouble with Lizardfolk attacking the ships.
We went to an herbalist shop where the others in the group demanded a friends and family discount from some wench in the shop even though they seemed to not know one another. The group ended up trading 550 gold pieces’ worth of gems for 5 major wound potions. Frank spent another 250 gold pieces on a Bear’s Endurance potion.
We went to another herbalist shop, this time it seemed to be the shopkeeper the group was thinking of. We bought 2 light wound potions for 60 gold pieces.
We tried to visit Xar, a blacksmith the group knows, but the guard wouldn’t let us through to see him, nor would he bring him out to meet with us. So we went to the docks in search of a captain to take us with him.
While we stood around at the customs office (more old timey word here?) Skeith overheard a weary Captain Narvi doing business ahead of us. Skeith followed him out of the building and made a deal with him. The deal being that he would let us accompany him on his ship to Utan in exchange for protection during the voyage. The ship (The Dispatch) was set to leave in the morning, so we decide to go looking for Xar again with what time we had left in the evening.
We ventured into Orc town (Little Seotuk) and went to what seemed to be a local watering hole called something bar. We happened to get very lucky and found Xar inside. We traded Xar the 2 great axes and a bunch of small arms/armor for him to work on making a really nice plate armor for Frank. After the dealing was done, Dick challenged Xar to a friendly drinking competition. Poocs asked if anyone would like to place a wager on the challenge. I excitedly accepted the bet and put 10 gold on Xar. As everyone expected Xar beat Dick and I won my 10 gold from Poocs.
With the excitement of the day wearing on everyone, we ventured back to the reconstruction guard to sleep for the night.

The Harpy's Cave
Sessions 8 & 9

The party discovered that the Harpies have been luring people into the forest over the past several hundred years. Recently, in the past year or so, the frequency of the harpy’s songs increased and people were disappearing more often than normal.

Before heading off into the woods, they thought they would go to The One Eyed Fool to see if anyone had some valuable information, and maybe have a drink or two. There they discovered very little information of use, but did meet a couple adventurers who were looking for a noble quest. They decided to allow them to tag along to help rid Glimmershade of the Harpies.

One of the new companions, Sylvar Onas is an expert tracker and after a bit of searching, found a trail into the woods that led to a cliff overlooking a small valley. The party looked over the cliff to discover an opening about 60 feet down. After descending into the opening they fought hordes of goblins, orcs, and a bugbear here and there before finding themselves face to face with the tall, skinny, white creatures who have been summoning the red eyed goblin looking creatures. A battle ensued and the party managed to dispatch the creatures.

Just as before, they were standing around runes on the floor and chanting. Dick Rahl, in his infinite wisdom, wanted to see if these symbols reacted the same way as the last one they found that looked exactly the same. Of course, they did the same thing which alerted a group of harpies further down the cave. The Party was captivated by the songs of each harpy, jumping across a chasm to be closer to each harpy. After a long battle, the party finally destroyed the harpies and a couple goblin archers that were helping them before discovering The Statue of the Winged Queen.

Upon removing a torch from her hand, they heard her whisper into their minds.

Harpy’s wings sound the drums of war
as the red eyes rise from the dark
the black meets the light of day
as the war for the world will start

As the poem ended, the cave began to crumble. The party managed to escape with relative ease. Upon returning to The Cloister. They found Skeith wasn’t able to get inside and Evras and a few other clerics were holed up inside Evras’s study. He gave some wisdom to Poocs and Frank before telling them of The Winged Queen. It is those who awaken her who must defeat her, and he handed them a silver cloth, the same on The Crest of the Cloister. Evras wasn’t sure how such a cloth would be used, but it is rumored that it could be used to defeat The Winged Queen. He also told Poocs of an old friend, Varrec Hardback, in Utan, who may be able to help them shed more light on The Winged Queen.

Session 7

As written by Ritzu

We traveled to Glimmershade where a blight was taking place. Our contact was Evras of the Clerics of Cloister. We met with him and his son on arrival and gained some knowledge of the events. After speaking with people of the town we determined that the water may be killing people. we encountered a summoned beast in the town well. after deciding to speak to with the only mage in the area we discovered he was an impostor and was only wearing some kind of glimmer to make him seem human. We were able to take the creature down only to find out that the entire town was dead [GM Note: The town wasn’t dead]. We traveled back to the Cloister to discover another summoner(Evras’s son, Alyn) and a harpy. we were able to dispatch them easily and were rewarded generously by Everest. He may be the only remaining person in the town.

Session Six
Southgate Memorial and March to Glimmershade

By: Skeith

After we narrowly avoided death in the Blackwater the party was notified that Paragon Donne would be visiting Marian soon and requested our attendance to a memorial service for his deceased niece Caelena. This gave the party roughly two weeks of free time that we all chose to spend in our own ways. Dick Rahl set to training the slaves we freed from the Blackwater. Eldor Poocs put his time to gathering herbs and materials for potion use. Ritzu used his free time to attempt to research more about his mysterious past. It appears not many have seen his kind, known as a Kitsune, as he was only able to find one sighting some time ago. i am no help in that regard either. I decided that my time would best be spent learning more about the Paragon, his family, and the current state of politics. The party also decided to call ourselves The First Order, not to be (but surely will be) confused with The Order of the White Hand. We came to know that The Order was responsible for the attack on Marian that took place days before our assault on the Blackwater. It seems these Orcs are also enemies of Dick as he was the one to positively identify them.

The night before the ceremony the part met up for a mid day pub crawl. Our crawl was cut short after Poocs vomited on the bar dancing and singing to a wonderful rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ however I do have to commend him lasting as long as he did despite is stature and weight.

The next day at the ceremony Paragon Donne spoke a few words for the fallen, a few words for The First Order for defending the city against the Shadows and The Order, as well as a few words about war. Unsurprising the Paragon plans to march his army against The Order confirming the information I gathered about his resolve and ruthlessness.

After the ceremony Funda Noblebringer cut the party loose from the reconstruction guard, preferring to pay for our services on an as needed contract based basis. The party wasted no time in looking for work and found rumors of a cursed village north of Marian. After confirming suspicions with Clerics of the Cloister we set out north towards Glimmershade. A day and a half into the trip we encountered a three headed snake monster we were successful in swiftly dispatching leaving the rest of our trip clear.

Now we’ve arrived in Glimmershade and have plans to investigate the town tomorrow. Is this simply local rumor or is this town really cursed?

Session Five
The Blackwater Blowout

The party woke in Temple of Milani in Harper’s Vale. Before they left, the priests gave them each a healing potion. The party went to the secret entrance to the Blackwater in Zanka Riis’s basement. They commandeered a riverbarge after slaying a few Blackwater Shadows and leaving one alive who they found was raised in the Blackwater Shadows as a slave. Delia, the elven Shadow the party left alive became their guide through the Blackwater and eventually helped the party take the Shadow Docks. The party freed several slaves who were in the Dock area and left Deliah to fight off any Shadows that came back through the area while the party moved on to assault the base.

The party came to a secret door that opened up into a production floor where 7 slaves were flanked by several guards and a commander. The party, after killing the commander, rallied the slaves to fight with them, but not before the shadows cut down a few slaves. AFter the battle on the production floor, the party found a jail cell with Celaena Donne’s body inside. She appeared to be dead for several days.

After ascending the stairs into the main warehouse, the party was ambushed by several shadows led by Firendell Elin. After a very close fight, Dick Rahl impaled Firendell on his greatsword as a couple slaves and Delia came and almost evened the odds of the battle, but with Skeith cut down, Dick Rahl on his last leg, Ritzu jumping into the fray to try to save Dick, and Eldor Poocs out of healing it was not looking good. But Funda Noblebringer and a group of elite reconstruction guards blast through the doors on information from the Priests of Milani.

Funda tells the party that he plans to take the Blackwater Shadow base and turn it into a forward command center for the Reconstruction Guard. Delia has a bit of freedom with the guards, but is always flanked by two elite guards. The party befriended a slave that aided them in their battle named Weasel who expressed interest in becoming a fighter and joining the reconstruction guard. The party gave Weasel some gold pieces and a masterwork long sword and let them sleep at their camp.

Session Four
The Siege of Southgate

After returning from the farmstead and slaying Cheeks Bothburned, the party decided to move into the city to attack the Blackwater Shadows’ base. On their trip through the city, they heard commotion and was approached by a group of city guards claiming that the city was under attack.

The party rushed to the guard’s aid and came to a fork in the road. The guards told the party they would take one fork and the party could take the other. The eastern fork held The Observatory and The Silver Anvil while the western fork held The Southgate Church of Milani and The Library. The party ran down the western fork to find that the head priest, Evan Irelli, was under attack by several orcs. During the battle with the orcs, goblins led by a necromancer rushed from the east and attacked the party as well. With the help of Evan Irelli and Caja Uren, the party made their way through the enemies. Caja said she would stay behind to help Evan with the wounded.

After the battle, Ritzu picked up the necromancer’s staff and it was bound to him for the remainder of the day.

As the party ran down the road, they came across the library that was being attacked by several enemies and a goblin sorcerer. The library was in flames and Skeith and Poocs tried to put the fire out while Dick and Ritzu engaged the enemies. With the help of Elbridge Osnate, Yarain Osnate, Ariadani, and the Osnate personal guard, the party dispatched several orcs, goblins, and a bugbear. The party then convinced Yarain Osnate to follow them to the front gate and fight with them.

While the party was moving to the front gate, they attempted to destroy catapults firing on the city with the balistas mounted on wall before realizing that a crossbowman would be better trained for the job. Poocs and Dick ordered a crossbowman to take out the catapults with the balistas, Thus the hero Dave was born. He destroyed all 3 catapults with the balistas before moving with the party to the front gate.

At the front gate, the party fought a bugbear before an Ogre slammed through. As they moved to engage the Ogre, they saw the Captain of the City Guard, Zarzia fighting 6 gnolls in the courtyard of the barracks. A few members of the party rushed to the aid of Zarzia as she fell to the Ogre and they sent another City Guard back to tell Evan and Caja that they needed help. As Caja arrived to assist the party, the Ogre smashed the head of Yarian Osnate into the courtyard before the party finally destoryed him and the gnolls fighting Zarzia.

After the battle the party went back to the church to assist Evan with healing the wounded before Ritzu went to Ariadani to remove the curse of the staff, Dick went to Xar to barter for a new axe. Ariadani said she would call upon Ritzu for a favor in the future. Xar asked Dick Rahl to bring an Osnate to him because he was owed money. Evan told Poocs he always has a home in the Church of Milani

Session Three
King Cheeks Bothburned and his trusty dog Tickletooth

The party was contracted by Funda Noblebringer to investigate a farmstead to the west of The Great Orchard. As the party approached the farmstead, they came across a pit of spiders. In an attempt to go around, they trekked through the forest and came across the husk of two humans being controlled by plants from the inside. The party dispatched them with a combination of Fire and Steel and moved to camp. The party camped on a grassy knoll that overlooked the forest. The camp was uneventful.

The party then moved the next day to the farmstead and came across two kobolds chasing each other. Dick Rahl clanked down Paragon’s Highway and was discovered as the kobolds running outside a windmill, who then ran inside and barricaded the door. The party found a loose plank in the back of the windmill and Dick Rahl kicked the plank in and climbed into the building and engaged the Kobolds.

After they were dispatched, the party made their way downstairs into the cellar where they found a group of kobolds. They took care of several kobolds before one ran off to gather reinforcements, but before they arrived, the party interrogated a kobold who told them “The King” lived in the tunnels. When the reinforcements arrived, they were color sprayed by Ritzu and the party assassinated all the kobolds before moving through the tunnels connected to the cellar. In the second cavern they came across, runes of frost magic were carved into the walls and Dick Rahl discovered an amulet in a box in the room.

The party eventually reached a throne room where “King” Cheeks Bothburned and his dog Tickletooth attacked the party with four kobold cohorts. Eldor Poocs was downed in the back of the cavern after a onslaught by Ticketooth and an enlarged kobold. Dick Rahl, in an orcish rage, attempted to hack Cheeks to pieces, but ended up throwing his sword. With the help of the Ritzu, and a lucky strike by Dick Rahl, Skeith slid across the floor and shot Cheeks with an arrow before vaulting over Cheeks and slitting his throat with a Katana from behind.

Session Two
Meeting Zanka Riis

The party began the day in the Reconstruction Guard Camp. They interrogated a Blackwater Shadow prisoner who told them that there was an entrance to the Shadow Warehouse through the Sewers. After Eldor Poocs rolled the most gnarly cross joint, the party had a bit of smokeleaf then left the camp to find information about the sewer entrance.

The party went to Zod Bazaar to find some information about the warehouse. They came across two rival potion merchants. The first, all his supplies exhausted or destroyed, asked the party to gather three different herbs and some brewing sets for his points.

The second merchant, Agna, took a liking to the party and sold his special recipe love potion and some information about where to find someone who may sell them smoke leaf, Zanka Riis, a half-orc noble in Tullek Heights. The party left with the love potion and met Zanka and his Elite Guard, Sarge.

After a surprise color spray by Ritzu, the party killed four Zanka guards and disabled Zanka Riis and Sarge. The party convinced Riis that they would have the Reconstruction Guard’s protection if he gave up information about the Blackwater Shadows. He confirmed the existence of the Blackwater Docks and told them that a riverbarge would come the next day through the sewer dock in his basement to drop off the next shipment of smoke leaf and sharp sugars.

Dick Rahl and Eldor Poocs searched the mansion while Skeith and Ritzu questioned Zanka Riis. In his office they found the payment for the next barge delivery [96 gp], three torches with what appears to be Agna’s love potion on the end, and a framed portrait of an elven girl with a crown of thorns, the same they found in Tabel’s ruined mansion.

After hiding the bodies of the guards in the house, the party eventually returned to the Reconstruction Guard camp with Zanka Riis and Sarge.


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