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Capital: Qrale

Orness was a once powerful united kingdom of Elven and Human kinship under the rule Paragon Donne, an elf. Now divided by war with The Orinco Nation, Orness was caught unprepared and Marian was overtaken and put to the torch by The Orinconian King. Orness fought back and retook Marian and is working through reconstruction. Paragon Donne’s army stands guard until reconstruction is complete then he plan to march on The Orinco Expanse.

The War

The war began when The Orinconian King, Faust V was killed by an elven assassin. His son rose to the throne at the age of eleven and promptly gathered his Hadics [Desert Calvary] to march on Marian.

Capital: Belcoast

A xenophobic separatist nation of humans who split off from Orness when Paragon Donne rose to power 200 years ago. They claim he jumped succession of the Human prince Faust I. Faust I gathered supporters and marched army into the expanse and settled on the coast, but not without losses. They marched the expanse for 2 years before discovering Hondica, the last bastion of hope for humanity

Orinco Expanse

The Orinco expanse is a wild and barren desert area in South-Western Orness. The nomads of the expanse follow the everchanging path of the Crystal River.

Marglug Swamp

Swamplands that are home to the Orcish tribes of Orness. When the Crystal River touches the North-Western tip of the expanse, the tribes hold a pilgrimage into the Expanse where Orcish Chieftains fight for control of their tribes.

Mrenlian Forest

The Mrenlian forest is host to the Mren Castes. Most Castes accept other cultures, but there are those who strive to eliminate all those of non Mren decsent from the Forest, particularly in the northern region. One of those castes is the Eroan Caste, where Paragon Donne is from.


The humans only came in contact with the halfling 35 years ago when the halflings were banished from the Mrenlian forest be the Eroan Caste. They came out of the northern treeline and founded the coastal city of Paeri. The Halflings are a seafaring race.

Brasula Mountains

A region bordered by forests on both the east and west. The northern section of the mountains houses Kelgran, the Dwarven Kingdom. To the south of Kelgran is the Goblin Societies. Little is known of them. Mountain Lions are the apex predator of mountains and frequently hunt surface dwarves


The Dwarven Kingdom ruled by Queen Navia. Dwarves are generally secluded, but rather than life imprisonment or death sentences, the Dwarves banish their felons to the surface. Generally, non-dwarven populations look upon dwarves with disdain because they only see the worst of the worst dwarves aside from the occasional envoys, emissaries, and merchants. Kelgran constantly has border skirmishes with the Goblins, but has never been at war with the goblin societies

Bharick Valley

The Valley is the gateway to the Independent Cities of the East. The valley is guarded by the Allied Legion of the Gates. The Legion is an Army of sell-swords hired by the Independent Cities, Eastgate and Westgate, to keep out the disputes of the Ornessi Empire. Most races from other lands settle or work in the free cities as they are most open to the exotic goods of other cultures.

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